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Baseline covers

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Outside speaker cover

Layer 1, the "outside" of the cover is made of polyester fabric:, Wear-resistant and water-repellent.

Intermediate layer loudspeaker cover

Layer 2, this intermediate layer consists of 8 mm foam. This ensures the good protection of the boxes.

Inside loudspeaker cover

Layer 3, a hard-wearing cloth on the inside of the cover. Softly woven so that there are no wear marks on the corners of the speakers when used frequently.

Why original if you can do better?

Due to the best quality materials, all of which are glued together, our baseline covers are super strong and rigid enough to stay in shape when they are not wrapped around a playpen. This allows them to slide automatically over the playpen, without having to be pulled straight and tight first.

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Polyester cloth

0.5 mm thick, water-repellent, weave thickness: 1000x1000

Intermediate layer

8 mm foam, 50 grams per m²

Wear-resistant cloth

Black cotton, soft woven with closed structure. Weave thickness 800x800

Sewing thread Amman Strongbond 40-3, black
Finishing tape Nylon woven band 2 strips 20 mm wide

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