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Production process

Below you will find an impression of the production process.


First, a pattern of the box is made, with the corresponding sizes.
After adding the extra space needed for stitching the seams, the polyester fabric is cut out.


When, after cutting the polyester cloth, the foam lining has also been cut out, the polyester is smeared with water-based glue, then the foam layer is stuck to the polyester cloth creating the base material that makes our covers so unique.


Then it must be dried for 12 hours on a drying rack. Here you can clearly see that each building is on a separate floor so that they are well ventilated.

Cutting and sorting out.

Once the buildings have dried, the excess foam is cut off, all orders are gathered together and pre-processed. This is done with the best industrial sewing machines that attach and detach computer-controlled.


When all the buildings are stitched together, the lid is stitched on the sides with a so-called "drill band" so that the cover is nicely finished, resulting in a top-quality product. 100% made in the Netherlands by a close-knit team with an eye for perfection!

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