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Strongline sleeves:

Strongline: strong as an elephant and absolutely durable

As standard with Strongline sleeves there is an A-5 window on the sleeves for all the necessary information when production needs to be ready, as well as folding lines in the sleeve so they are easy to store on job.

The base material consists of 5 layers:


Layer 1, Cordura cloth. Very strong and almost impossible to break.
Water-repellent and very durable.

Intermediate layer

This intermediate layer consists of 8 mm foam. This ensures the good protection of the boxes.


A hard-wearing cloth on the inside of the cover. Softly woven so that there are no wear marks on the corners of the speakers when used frequently.

LD 24 - filling

LD-24 filling. The material is mainly known from the camping mats. Flexible yet rigid enough to absorb point loads from, for example, a frame or corner of a crate. The LD-24 absorbs the impact and distributes the force over a larger surface to protect the box's lacquer.

Layer 5

Polyester inner lining. Very hardwearing. Even with frequent use this fabric will not wear or tear.

Why original if you can do better?

Due to the best quality materials, all of which are glued together, our baseline covers are super strong and rigid enough to stay in shape when they are not wrapped around a playpen. This allows them to slide automatically over the playpen, without having to be pulled straight and tight first.

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Below you will find the characteristics of this product

Cordura 0.5 mm thick water-repellent weave thickness 1000x1000
Intermediate layer 8 mm foam 500 grams per m³
Wear-resistant cloth Black cotton, soft woven with closed structure. Weave thickness 800x800
LD-24 9580 grams per m³. Tensile strength at 23°C N/mm2 ISO 527 23
Polyester cloth 0.4 mm thick weave thickness 600x600
A-5 Plug-in window

Cristalplus material. Thickness 1000 µ. 210x160 mm.

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