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Speaking stand bags

In stock in the webshop.

One problem that many companies are struggling with is the tripods. Apart from damaging them quickly, they can also seriously damage the other items that are transported with them. Many bags are available on the market, often with zips and made of thin fabric. Already after a few times of use the bags tear or the zips break. has developed a bag for speaker stands, made of high quality material and velcro closure. A long lifespan is guaranteed. The stands cannot touch each other due to a central divider. There is also a transparent A-5 vanster on the bag, in which your own product card can be placed so that you have a good overview of what is in the bag.

For the time being we have a bag for the speaker stands up to 122 long and a diameter of 13 cm. Among other things, this bag fits in:

And many others, as long as the length does not exceed 122 cm and the maximum diameter is 13 cm..

As a second article, there will also be microphone bags in the webshop.

For stands up to 110 long and a maximum diameter of 9 cm. These are suitable for, among other things:

Manfrotto 126 BSU Tripods

These tripods are longer. Of course we also have a bag for this.

For tripods up to 133 cm long and a maximum diameter of 15 cm

These bags also fit:

Take a look in our webshop for all available sleeves.

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